Why You Need A Social Media Manager

Social media channels are often the first task to fall to the wayside by employees if you do not have a dedicated social manager.

Brands know that good social media content drives business, leading to a strong online presence that compliments existing marketing efforts for customers and future customer acquisition. Yet creating a successful and consistent social strategy can be a daunting task for marketing managers who juggle multiple business hats at once.

This article will help explain why a dedicated social media manager is not a luxury but a necessity for a successful and well-rounded marketing strategy.

Why is social media important for a business?

Social media platforms are one way to truly connect with a brand’s audience and humanize the company. To do this successfully requires a full-time social media manager who understands the landscape, the types of content and the channels used by target audiences.

Above all, social networks personalize a brand.

A person or potential customer often begins research into a brand with a social network scan. This offers brands a chance to create a strong first impression by having up to date information on their channels, attract new customers through relevant and targeted posts, and build customer loyalty.

In addition, it offers brands a pathway to drive organic customer engagement and control their own narrative. Without this, customers are left guessing what the brand is about, or even worse, confused or turned off because of outside narratives interfering with your messaging.

A business should control and take charge of its own narrative for the best business outcomes.

Why do companies need a social media manager?

While the task of keeping up with social media trends and metrics may seem simple, it requires an understanding of audience trends, copywriting skills, graphic design, customer service expertise, and often a working knowledge of Google Analytics Tools to measure success.

All of these factors work in conjunction with existing marketing strategies to build out a cohesive and comprehensive brand strategy. In addition, a brand strategy is a living, breathing business mechanism and should be treated as such. Businesses should be ready to adapt to new ideas and strategies over time and as marketing tactics fluctuate. 

social media management company can create, implement, and execute a targeted strategy that works to drive business and customer engagement. This may include brand awareness via TikTok, responding to customer inquiries on Facebook (now Meta, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg), and increasing web traffic for your brand.

Meta, Twitter, and LinkedIn also have specific guidelines for utilizing paid ads within their platforms. Our experts know exactly what works best within each target audience for your brand and can help you create the best possible advertisements. This, in turn, will help grow your customer engagement and acquisition.

How do you know you need social media management?

If your current marketing team is not responding to customer queries quickly or maintaining active social media strategies on a regular basis, it may be hurting your business. Social platforms should leave a positive impression on your current and potential customers, not leave them questioning their trust and loyalty in your brand.

You may also need help managing your social platforms if your paid advertisements are not performing well. Some metrics to consider might be:

  • Your engagement rate is less than 10%
  • Your average cost per click is greater than 10 cents
  • You’re not tracking how activity impacts your overarching business goals
  • You don’t have a good understanding of the analytics behind paid advertisements.


With comprehensive knowledge of social media metrics that affect social advertising, Emerson Street Media can help work with your business to create successful ads and organic posts.

What are the benefits of a social media manager?

Social media managers save a brand time and money. Instead of a passive social presence, a manager dedicates their time to building the brand and creating an active voice. This builds relationships and ultimately helps to win more business and customers.

Social media management also offers a higher level of expertise in marketing and communications that complement your overall business objectives. They can focus a brand message or narrative into creative and innovative organic and paid posts on a number of social platforms. 

In addition, this allows other members of your team to focus on the most important aspects of their job, giving back time for other areas of your business. We shouldn’t expect our employees to fill in for jobs they may not have the correct experience for, just as we would never expect a server at a restaurant to fill in for a chef!

What should you look for when hiring a social media team?

Social influencers are trained experts in their field. At Emerson Street Media, we have the proven skills to effectively manage your business’ social media presence and can help you build out a comprehensive plan.

As social media specialists, the key skills that Emerson Street Media implement include:

  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Creativity and ability to follow and act on current trends
  • Engaging content creation and curation, both visual and social media copywriting
  • Responsive to customers’ needs and a strong knowledge of audience targeting and segmentation

With clients ranging from a dozen fields and sectors, we are confident we can build and implement the right social media strategy to benefit your business at the highest level.

Why it’s worth investing in an expert social media manager

In addition to brand recognition and attentiveness to your followers, social media management can attract an even larger audience for your business and curate social posts based on your audience’s specific needs. 

Your business could add many new avenues of customer acquisition and engagement through social channels. Through curated posts, you could soon become a source of authority and trust for consumers in your particular field. This can all be done from a strong and resourceful social networking manager available to you.

Ready to harness the power of social media with Emerson Street?

With our team as your dedicated social media accounts manager, we create campaigns that work.

Emerson Street Media has the essential skills and knowledge necessary to bring your social media presence to life. We offer a range of services from full-scale media management to advising your business on the best organic social campaigns to fit the needs of your audience and business goals. 

Contact us today for insight into growing your social presence with a dedicated social media manager.