Video Production

Whether you’re making a music video, internal promotional video, a series of social media videos, marketing videos, or a traditional commercial video, you need a full-service video production company.

Video production is a three-stage process that ends with engaging visual content. A strategic plan is created to maximize the benefits of the entire production process. Video is a powerful tool that tells your organization’s story and the goals you set to accomplish toward success for your organization.


What Does a Video Production Company Do?

Making a successful video is so much more than just setting up a camera and pressing record. A true video production, whatever the format or function, goes through multiple stages from concept to completion.  As with so many things we set out to accomplish, the better the plan, the better the results.

A worthy video production agency will help guide you through selecting and developing a concept or theme, creating a script and storyboard, scheduling the production times and locations, preparing the on-camera players for a successful shoot – and that’s just the planning phase.

Original visual content, including interviews with key individuals and engaging b-roll to enhance the storytelling, is created during production. The footage gathered in production is then combined with other elements like music and visual effects and graphic design in the post – production stage to make a high-quality video or series of videos that has maximum impact on its viewers.

Let’s take a deeper look at the three stages in the video production process and how we approach them at Emerson Street.

What are the Three Stages of Video Production?

Every video produced by Emerson Street Media, a full-service video production company, utilizes three stages: pre – production, production, and post – production. 


We first conduct an introductory meeting to establish which type of video production services are best suited for the narrative our potential clients are trying to project.

Once the concept is agreed upon, pre-production kicks into high gear with scripting, storyboarding and production scheduling. The best planning makes for the best final cut video!


With the plan in place, production begins. We work with clients to put them at ease in front of the camera, so they can tell their own story as only they know how. We never want our clients to memorize a script beforehand.

We just want to have a conversation about their business, project, or event. Our team has conducted thousands of interviews through the years.  We guide our clients through the production process every step of the way.


The magic comes in the editing! We take the engaging visuals we gathered in production and put it together with compelling music and graphics to engage an audience with a story that resonates and persuades viewers to action.

Each video goes through several rounds of edits until we reach a final approval with our clients, ensuring they have an effective and dynamic tool for sharing their narrative.

What are the Different Types of Video Production?

  • Internal company announcement videos – Use video to effectively communicate a new concept or idea to your internal team
  • Client testimonials – Hearing someone else rave about your business is always more effective than just saying it yourself. Let your clients share why they think your organization is great.
  • External promotional social videos – Company culture, DEI and recruitment are just a few of the thing’s video can be used to promote on your company’s social media channels
  • Explainer videos – Does your business deal with complicated issues or solve unique challenges that aren’t easily explained? Video can be the perfect solution to help potential clients grasp the concepts you want to share.
  • Recruiting videos – Video can be used to share your company’s diverse culture and attractive work environment as a means to attract top talent
  • Corporate video production services – B2B Video, product videos, digital marketing, educational videos, etc.

Why Choose Emerson Street Media for your Video Production Services?

 At Emerson Street Media we want to help you navigate your production through all of its phases to ensure you are left with an effective and engaging tool to help your company achieve its goals. We are a full-service video production company, but we are also happy to collaborate with other creative agencies to achieve your objectives for a project. 
Walking you through the entire process is our specialty. We have over 40 years collective experience crafting stories in a range of industries including broadcast news, documentary films, corporate video and more.  We want to make the process as seamless and worry-free as possible for your team.
Customer service and satisfaction is the difference we bring to every project. Let’s talk about what video can do to help your business achieve its goals.