Strategic Communication Washington, D.C.

Emerson Street Media’s content marketing strategy uses a strategic communication approach to attract, engage, and retain an audience by taking a fresh approach in creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media.

Strategic communication helps enrich creative ideas by making them sound smart and effective to a target audience across multiple platforms.

However, keeping clear, concise, and unified messaging across all of these types of content can be a difficult task.  That is where the professional experience in the power of communication comes in.

What do strategic communications firms do?

A strategic communications consulting firm works directly with an organization to create a streamlined, unified plan for both internal and external communication.

These corporate communications might include a wide range of messaging from internal memos and corporate narratives to social media campaigns and website content. Whatever the communication challenge presents, a focus on strategy is always at the heart of the plan.

Why is strategic communication important in an organization?

Emerson Street Media brings a fresh approach to all organizational communications because we know the media landscape has evolved rapidly through the years. Branding strategies need to be adapted to keep up.

Traditional communication channels like earned media, especially on a national level are still valuable, but they now come with a wide variety of next steps that can be utilized to maximize the return on a media hit. An entire digital strategy could be built around a single hit including social media posts, outreach emails and promotional videos .

Internal messaging is more important than ever to an organization and their communication goals. Maintaining a good line of outreach internally can help establish organizational leadership, strengthen company culture and loyalty, and thus develop effective recruiting tools.

What are examples of strategic communications?

Emerson Street Media brings years of industry experience combined with original approaches to all of our communication tactics. Here are some of our capabilities to help our clients achieve their communication goals:

  • Corporate narratives
  • Executive bios
  • Internal communications
  • Speech writing
  • Award submissions
  • Media outreach
  • Crisis communications plans
  • Social Media Management

Why is strategic communication important in an organization?

Organizational communications should always begin with a strategy focused on elevating brand awareness and strengthening company culture. Strategic communication helps make creative ideas sound smart and strategically sound.  This builds trust with consumers and helps establish and enrich brand loyalty, which is key to any organization’s longevity.


What can be expected from strategic communication campaigns with Emerson Street?

We begin every new client relationship with a discovery process in which we immerse ourselves in your company’s culture so that we can be a reliable, trusted partner in an ongoing basis who understands your consumer buyer behavior as we develop your strategic communications plan.

The content we create will go through multiple internal and external reviews with our clients to ensure it is achieving maximum impact and results.

The end product is measured against the goals we have established in the form of an analytics or coverage report. These reports will take into account audience reactions, trends, and industry-related news to provide recommendations for the future.

At Emerson Street Media, we want to see our clients become next-generation communications leaders.