Social Media Management Washington DC

Everyone, even your grandmother, has a social media profile these days.  But, when utilizing social platforms as a marketing tool for your business, a more thoughtful approach is required – more than just posting what you had for lunch today.

Having a content strategy for how you optimize each of your social platforms is critical to successfully engaging potential customers, heightening your brand awareness, and developing a defined social presence for your organization.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media management can involve a wide range of things, but it is about having a plan. The first step in the plan is envisioning your business goals for each of your social media channels and identifying the target audience for each of these accounts. Then you can build out an editorial calendar of relevant high-quality content.

Once the calendar is in place, a scientific approach is employed using social media management tools to gather analytical data about what types of social content resonate the most with your target audience. These analytics are then used to shape your ongoing social media efforts and define your online presence for optimal results.

Why is social media management important?

Social Media Managers are integral to any online marketing strategy. They understand the way people think, act, and behave because at the very crux of social media are consumers. Developing strong relationships with social media users increases leads and sales.

The digital strategies enacted by an organization’s social media team are devised to help reach a wide range of potential customers.

What platforms does Emerson Street social media management service cover?

At Emerson Street Media we can assist with any social media platforms, but have specialized in promoting relevant content across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for our corporate clients who want the best ROI from their business social campaigns.

But the social media management business is ever-evolving as new trends appear all the time, and we are ready to adapt to the best plan for our clients.

How We Plan a Social Media Strategy

When engaging with a new client on our social media services, we conduct an introductory meeting to understand their brand personality and goals.  We take what we learn from our discovery session and develop a strategy to target the right audience for maximum engagement and create loyal customers in the process.

Research and Analytics

We then analyze the client’s digital marketing and social media presence to set specific KPI’s for social campaigns. Research of client competitors and industry trends relevant to the client’s social campaign is conducted to identify strategic improvements and best practices.

We generate monthly analytical reports and cross reference data with past months to discern what posts in our editorial calendar are generating the most relevant content to our target audiences.

Building your Content Calendar

A social media content calendar is created to maintain consistency.  Social posts are drafted for internal review before they are scheduled. Topics, hashtags, and campaigns are assigned to each post to gain a better understanding of what content best resonates with our client’s audience.

The calendar is organic and adaptable with the capability of adding new original content as it arises in the course of business. Connecting with fans and followers requires flexibility to increase engagement over time and social media management software makes this possible.

Schedule Posts in Advance

Our social media management package includes the use of marketing tools such as SproutSocial or Hootsuite to leverage the client’s brand across multiple platforms and generate analytical analysis. This allows for easy scheduling of multiple posts on multiple social accounts and provides valuable insight with social listening tools. 

Collaborate on Content

Any social media posts we propose are crafted with the clients’ goals always in consideration. Our social media managers become a part of your team, seeking out opportunities to elevate brand awareness and promote your organization’s executives as thought leaders and influencers.

Once approved, content is posted on a mutually agreed upon schedule with the client’s desired voice in mind. Weekly strategy meetings are held to ensure client satisfaction and allow us to evolve our social media strategy in real time.

At the end of each month, we produce an analytics report to provide our clients with an overview of our progress, provide recommendations, and answer any questions they may have. 

How Can Social Media Presence Benefit Your Business?

A great social network for your business allows you to control the narrative for your company and promote the content most relevant to your target clientele. It leads to faster and easier communication while making your brand more relatable.

Your social media accounts allow you to manage the reputation of your company and can consistently generate leads directly and indirectly. Let us help you devise and execute the best plan for your optimum social media strategy.