Media Relations

There is perhaps no more impactful tool in an external communication strategy than effective media relations. But what are “Media Relations?”

What is Media Relations?

Media relations often sits at the center of many PR campaigns, as working with the media earning placements in key media outlets – whether it be in TV, print/online, radio or podcast- can be critical to increasing brand awareness and driving new business opportunities.

Conducting an effective media relations campaign requires a great deal of research and dedication but the effort is well worth the investment.

Emerson Street Media has spent years cultivating strong relationships with media members across the country, understanding their needs and expectations.

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We work with these reporters and news outlets to provide them with meaningful, compelling content from our clients. The result is often notable media placements that provide our clients with the exact type of publicity, recognition and validation that empowers them to grow their organization and achieve their business objectives.

There is no substitute for the credibility and impact of a powerful media placement. This idea drives our media relations efforts every day at Emerson Street Media, with our clients’ success at the center of it all.

Earning placements on TV, online or print, and radio or podcast can achieve a wide range of public relations goals for any organization or individual seeking greater brand recognition or awareness in the marketplace.

Media placements not only help amplify critical perspectives and newsworthy developments, but they also help establish credibility, significance and thought leadership. Media placements can be leveraged in a number of ways, from social media content to sales and marketing communications.

At Emerson Street Media, we recognize that to make a significant impact on the marketplace it is critical to go well beyond writing news releases and posting news announcements or company news. We know the power and value of media relations, that it requires proactive outreach and relationship building.

When done effectively, media relations is a central component of a successful strategic communications campaign.

How to build a media relations strategy

At Emerson Street Media, we start by aligning with our client on the objectives and expectations of the media outreach. This includes establishing key messaging that best positions clients as subject matter experts as well as a well-researched and curated list of media targets.

Establishing the foundation of your communications

Once we gain a shared understanding of goals, we start to uncover compelling narratives and ways in which we can “get in the conversation”. We approach this process in a number of different ways, such as identifying newsworthy announcements, highlighting insightful perspectives on timely subjects or finding opportunities to comment on big or trending stories in the news.

Then we dive into understanding exactly what we want to say and why our client’s voice needs to be heard. This process helps establish the critical messaging that serves as the basis for our media outreach.

Modeling your strategy

We understand that to get the attention of journalists, pitches must be sharp, punchy and most of all provide reporters with information or insight they need for a story. Getting the right pitch requires consistent and comprehensive communication strategy with our clients…asking the tough questions, guiding the process…that ultimately results in the delivery of a pitch that will catch the interest and attention of the media targets we aim to reach.

Crafting the pitch

Through detailed discovery conversations and research, we will craft an effective, tight pitch that we know will resonate with reporters. We will also ensure that our client’s spokesperson is prepared for any media inquiries that come our way.

Reaching the right journalists at the right outlets

Through detailed discovery conversations and research, we will craft an effective, tight pitch that we know will resonate with reporters. But before any media outreach begins, we take the time to identify the ideal reporter -or reporters- who we believe will respond to the pitch.

It is critical that each story pitch is personally crafted to break through with the reporters we are trying to reach, the ones we believe can report stories that will help achieve our client’s objectives.

We will direct the pitch to reporters and media outlets we have specifically identified as strong targets, leveraging our personal and intimate relationships with local and national reporters from a broad spectrum of outlets.

Preparing for the placement

Emerson Street Media ensures that our client’s spokesperson is prepared for any media inquiries that come their way. We will review key messaging and themes to create a successful game plan for the interview.

Additionally, we will help our clients prepare by running through interview simulations- including crisis communication- posing tough questions and helping formulate the optimal response. And we will remain in close contact with reporters, gaining an important understanding of their focus and goal prior to an interview.

Following through

Once the interview is complete, we follow-up with journalists to answer any additional questions and provide additional details or data necessary to move the story forward. As former journalists, we understand every step of the story production process and we will communicate directly with media members to make sure they have everything they need to help ensure a positive outcome for our client.

Maximizing the impact of the placement

At Emerson Street Media, our end goal is to provide impactful coverage that compels action while opening doors for future opportunities. After media placements are secured, we closely monitor industry related news and form a comprehensive coverage report of all news and social media platforms that picked up our content.

The success of our production will be measured by the quantitative goals that were set during our planning phase.

Why Choose Emerson Street Media?

Emerson Street Media is composed of former journalists who truly understand the power of media and a powerful communication strategy.

We know that when trying to make an impact on an organization’s presence in the marketplace, there is no substitute for strong media placements in a comprehensive public relations campaign. That is why media relations is so critical to the success of our strategic communications campaigns and we would love the opportunity to help you achieve your communications objectives.