Whatever your communications needs may be, Emerson Street Media wants to help. By leveraging our capabilities and expertise, along with our strategic partners from across the country, we can develop your comprehensive communications plan, produce a powerful branding video, lead you through a crisis and so much more.

Strategic Counsel

  • Advise and guide organizations and individuals on a wide range of campaigns involving media strategy, messaging and brand positioning
  • Rapidly respond to crisis communications by developing immediate action plans in preparation for a variety of outcomes and offering solutions for each phase of the process 

Media Relations

  • Identify compelling narratives and storylines necessary to successfully shape and deliver a pitch, ultimately earning a desired placement
  • Cultivate personal and intimate relationships with local and national reporters from a broad spectrum of outlets

Media Training

  • Prepare individuals or teams for any type of interview (friendly, informational, confrontational) on any media platform
  • Provide specific strategies and tactics that empower clients with the capabilities necessary to respond timely to deadlines

Video Production

  • Authentic, visual and personal branding videos that tell stories about people, passions and ideas
  • Animation that leverages clean and clear graphics, designs and concepts that move viewers to take action

Social Media

  • Strategic implementation of campaigns featuring a broad array of content designed specifically for multiple platforms
  • Application of analytics to effectively strengthen impact of social media presence and gain followers   


Content Creation

  • Comprehensive production capabilities for long-format news segments, documentaries, and corporate programming, including video shooting and editing, script writing and voiceover work
  • Event content production and creation, including coordinating and executing technical components of virtual integration