“When partnering with Emerson Street Media, their team consistently embraces the complex challenges we face every day in the rapidly changing commercial real estate marketplace. They are true collaborators who always listen closely to our brokers and shape a clear and effective message to make WLS stand out in this highly competitive industry.”
Eric West
Co-Founder, WLS Realty

WLS Realty


After the 2020 pandemic lockdown forever changed the traditional workspace, West, Lane & Schlager Realty Advisors (WLS), a commercial real estate firm that focuses solely on tenants and has been in the D.C. market for over 25 years, had to rethink the way they approached commercial leases and clients’ needs. WLS knew their brand messaging needed to reflect the times as well and we were happy to partner with them on a fresh look at their branding through a post pandemic lens.


We knew we needed to immerse ourselves in WLS culture to gain a comprehensive understanding of what differentiates their team from other firms. We began with several discovery sessions with Co-Founder Eric West and the WLS team of brokers and were able to hear first hand what they believed makes their approach to real estate deals unique as well as how they have adapted to meet the new challenges presented by new hybrid work models born from the Covid-19 pandemic.


Taking what we learned from our discovery meetings with the WLS brokerage group, we wrote a compelling corporate narrative which tells the story of how WLS began, what they have accomplished over 25 years in business and what lies ahead for the specialized commercial real estate firm. The narrative consisted of specific sections to tell the WLS story, including an elevator speech, “who we are” examining company values, and a deeper look at workplace strategy, but each of the parts could be extracted and utilized on its own for individual use.


WLS now has a useful marketing tool that can be used for various business objectives including engaging media, pitching new business, website and social content. It also ensures that every member of the team is singing from the same song sheet when selling the value propositions that make WLS a leading commercial real estate company in the D.C. area. Emerson Street has worked repeatedly with partner WLS on projects from speechwriting to RFP responses and we always draw heavily from this strategic guidebook for unified messaging.