Like countless other events impacted by COVID, the annual SAP sales conference had to be conducted virtually in 2021. The wide-ranging content for the event spans multiple nights and incorporates SAP projects, stories and initiatives from around the globe. Producing the event is challenging under the best of circumstances, but the virtual nature of the 2021 program added new layers of complications and logistical hurdles. But SAP was certainly up to the task and we were there to help.  


We were tasked with helping produce multiple segments of the SAP programing, which required a deep understanding of multiple SAP products, programs and objectives. We were focused on delivering our storytelling capabilities to help strengthen the content, along with bringing a relentless work ethic to a project that would require a great deal of time and effort.


In emails, calls and video conferencing meetings with SAP team members in Miami, Seattle, New Jersey, New York and cities throughout Germany, we immersed ourselves into the workflow and became temporary SAP team members ourselves. Throughout many long days and late nights, we contributed to the effort in numerous capacities, including the following: writing scripts, reviewing video footage, creating content themes and concepts, conducting interviews, delivering voiceover work and providing strategic counsel.


The virtual conference was a success for SAP, delivering to its sales team meaningful and powerful stories along with critical information needed to increase sales and strengthen relationships in the year ahead. We are proud to have contributed to so many different components of the program content and in the process gained a strong appreciate for, and understanding of, the many ways in which SAP is truly helping organizations ‘rise’ around the world.