“Emerson Street Media shares our deep commitment to client service and satisfaction. We have partnered with their team on multiple video production projects for our clients and Emerson Street consistently delivers exceptional hands-on attention as well as a top-notch final product, making for a successful client experience every time. We love working with their team.”
Nicole Jordan
VP of Client Services, Heritage Werks

Heritage Werks


No matter the industry, when you have broken the mold of “how it’s done” and created innovative ways to add to the bottom line, you are going to need a compelling storyline to build trust and engage potential clients. Emerson Street teamed with Heritage Werks, the premier heritage agency – trusted with more than 100 million assets by the world’s most recognizable brands – to write their corporate narrative and illustrate their use of proprietary methodology to create new revenue streams from these assets.




We flew to Atlanta to see up close the Heritage Werks collection, which contains some invaluable artifacts from the worlds of sports, fashion and entertainment, as well as Fortune 500 companies. We met with Heritage Werks CEO Keir Walton, Executive Director Charlie Turano and many members of their team to learn about the company’s origin, archiving processes and their unique approach to unlocking heritage as a means for meeting business goals.



We took what we learned in Atlanta and created a first draft of a corporate narrative for Heritage Werks, which included their origin story, their value proposition as innovators in the heritage field and an in-depth look at their success in the sports and business worlds. This draft went through many iterations as we collaborated with Keir and his team to find just the right tone and voice to describe their organization. We kept working until we got it just right.


Getting it right meant giving them messaging tools to attract prospective customers and better grow and accelerate their business. Having everyone on the team using the same clear and concise messaging to describe and sell their means and methods streamlined the process for pitching new business, engaging with media and generating social and web content. Heritage Werks has continued to rely on the corporate narrative we collaborated on as the cornerstone of their strategic content marketing plan.