“Working with Emerson Street Media was such a rewarding, thought-provoking, and FUN experience! They worked tirelessly to capture the essence of my business and provided professional insight on how we could best share this with our audience. More than anything, they were such a pleasure to work with and made the entire project enjoyable from start to finish.”
Chloe Kaplan
Founder, Amore Learning

Amore Learning


Create a branding video for a company that was forced to dramatically shift its business model just a few years after launching, all because of COVID. It was clear that Amore’s Founder Chloe Kaplan was “all in” in her dedication to provide students and families with the education resources they needed during the pandemic, regardless of what it would take to get it all done. We knew this was an important, timely story to tell, and we were thrilled that Chloe and her team shared our vision. 


We discussed our plan extensively with Chloe during pre-production, outlining the themes and visuals we wanted to capture. Specifically, Amore’s fast pivot to ‘pod learning’ shortly after the start of the pandemic was providing kids with the in-person learning experience they had been desperately missing, and it was our primary goal to convey how that shift was creating tremendous benefits for kids and their parents.  Highlighting Amore’s role as a lifeline for parents in unsettling times for their kids’ education was an important takeaway we knew would connect.


Sit-down interviews with Chloe and Nina Ritch (Amore’s Curriculum Coordinator and Head of Consulting) gave us critical background and perspective about Amore’s history and focus, setting the stage perfectly for the second phase of the project. On one very cold afternoon on a back patio in Georgetown, we were able to observe several different pod learning sessions and capture footage and interviews with students, parents and instructional coaches. When it was complete, we knew we had excellent material and we were excited for the next steps.


We collaborated closely with Chloe throughout the editing process of the video, ensuring that the final product reflected our shared vision of how we all wanted to tell this story. Ultimately, we felt that the video not only accurately conveyed just some of the many educational challenges created by COVID, but the ways in which organizations like Amore are stepping-up to provide help and reassurance to parents and kids in need. In the video Chloe says, “we got your back”, and if there is one overarching theme of this project, that’s it.